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“Is a business that produces and sells traditionally tanned hides economically feasible in Fort Good Hope, NT?”

Following direction from the 2016 Fort Good Hope Economic Development Forum Final Report, Ne’Rahten Developments, the business arm of the Yamoga Land Corporation, retained PlanIt North to work in consultation with community members, government and industry to assess the feasibility of operating a hide tannery in Fort Good Hope, NWT.

PlanIt North completed the study in March, 2020. The resulting report articulates the community vision for a hide tannery, which would utilize traditional K’asho Got’ı̨nę hide tanning methods and meet a high demand for tanned hides. A successful hide tanning business in Fort Good Hope would connect community members to their land and culture, support the development of the traditional economy, provide employment, and encourage the growth of the arts, crafts, and tourism sectors. PlanIt North analyzed the inputs and outputs that would allow for a successful business, highlighted risks and mitigation strategies and recommended steps for an initial pilot program.