On the banks of Great Slave Lake at the mouth of the Hay River, you will find the picturesque home community of Kátł’odeeche First Nation (KFN). Chances are, you’ve also heard recent media reports of the community’s proactive initiatives to build an active, healthy community now and in the future. With […]
Ka’a’gee Tu First Nation’s (KTFN) community members and leaders work hard to use, monitor and protect their traditional lands surrounding Kakisa and Tathlina Lakes. KTFN staff work with elders and youth to: share traditional knowledge, monitor local harvests, organize on the land leadership development activities, measure water quality downstream of […]
Sambaa K’e First Nation (SKFN) has been working to formalize and implement protections on their traditional lands since 2008. The Sambaa K’e candidate protected area includes much of the Trout Lake watershed – areas that are critical to sustaining the community’s health, culture and economy for future generations. We are […]
PlanIt North provides facilitation, report-writing, and research support to the Sahtú Environmental Research and Monitoring Forum. The Forum includes representatives from the Sahtú – the Sahtú Secretariat, each community Renewable Resources Council and the Sahtú Renewable Resources Board as well as government, industry and academia in an effort to foster […]
PlanIt North was pleased to partner with Serecon in the spring of 2015 to work on the NWT Agriculture Strategy. We hosted meetings across the NWT to hear what residents want the Agriculture sector to look like in the future.