About Us

Based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, our expertise is in local governance, planning and resource management. Using evidence-based decision-making and inclusive processes, we aim to hone skills and build confidence in our clients and all participants. Together with our extensive partnerships across Canada, PlanIt North has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve the future that you envision.


We help you plan for the future. Whether planning a subdivision, a community program or a regional initiative, we help break complex decisions into a series of manageable steps.

  • Integrated Community Sustainability Planning
  • Land Use Planning
  • Climate Change Adaptation Planning
  • Community Economic Development Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Development Planning
  • Waste Management Planning


We work with you to ask the right questions and to provide the right answers to those questions.

  • Best Practices
  • Policy Analysis
  • Mapping Services
  • Plain Language Science


We help you and your community deliver the right message to the right audience to ensure you move forward with your goals.

  • Report Writing
  • Facilitation & Rapporteur Services
  • Proposal Writing
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Website Content Development
Colville Lake

Our Values

Communities First

We believe decisions should be most strongly influenced by those most affected by them. Our work strives to help communities build and communicate strong, united visions.

Participatory Processs

We know that in solving any problem, the process of researching, discussing and prioritizing solutions is a learning opportunity that holds its own value. We make our processes as transparent and inclusive as possible.

Foster Learning

We strive to ensure that each project provides as many learning opportunities as possible for all those involved. We will work with our partners and clients to leverage opportunities for internships and training opportunities.

Evidence-Based Decision-Making

We recognize that there are always several paths forward. We will use strong research and facilitation skills to bring the best available knowledge to bear on decisions.


We believe communities are powerful and nimble. New ideas frequently grow from local examples. We research best practice but think outside the box to find solutions that fit unique local contexts.


We know that many hands make light work and many minds make for the best ideas! We actively seek out partnerships with other firms, independent consultants, universities and others to make sure that we are bringing the highest quality of services to our clients.

Our Clients

Some of the organizations and communities we proudly serve:

How can we help you?

If you have a project or idea for your community, we're happy to discuss opportunities for working with you to achieve them.